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The reviews say it all…

“Did you try the chili tonight? The steaks he makes are amazing – you really ought to try them.” and the rest are all “I’m up for that!” “Hey, great! That would be a good thing!”

“I’m pushing everyone I know to start drybagging…”

Read more about what people are saying about creating the ultimate dry aged steak with UMAi DrybagSteak.

Butter vs. Olive Oil: What’s Better?

“When the editorial team cooks with butter, the question arises: Is it better than olive oil?”

Photo from The Daily Meal

“Both olive oil and butter have their place in the kitchen and in cooking different recipes, but there are times when butter just makes that much of a difference in the dish. When cooking vegetables such as the lemon asparagus recipe below, it adds a rich sweetness to the dish that’s nicely balanced out by the acidity of the citrus juice. And it’s great when scrambling eggs, or finishing off a steak.”

From The Daily Meal

Read more:

Setting an example for the way we run restaurants

"10 million people work in restaurants, seven times more than serve in the entire armed forces." Photo from Co.Exist

“Instead of bad food served by people in dead-end jobs, what if our nation’s restaurants revolutionized how we ate and how we treated employees?”

How one restaurant serves as an example of “Changing How We Eat By Changing How We Run Restaurants“.

Stop throwing away food and money!

Whether you’ve made too much food for your family or it’s going bad because no one will eat it, you know you need to cut down on the pounds of food going from the fridge to the trash bin every day.

This article from LifeHacker could be a food (and money) saver!

Plus, check out UMAi Preserve — the easy way to store food so it won’t spoil as quickly in the first place!

UMAi Preserve pouches to seal in freshness and flavor.  These bags are different from UMAi Dry.  They provide an excellent barrier for both oxygen and moisture vapor transmission.  Perfect for leftovers!  You can also store fish, poultry, cheese, snacks for on the road, personal items that should not get wet on camping trips and so much more!

Dipping bread to stay in for

A recipe to try…

If you love the Macaroni Grill, check out this copycat recipe for their soft dipping bread and oil.  What a delicious way to welcome guests into your home while they wait for the grill to warm.  On that note, ever tried grilled bread?