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Swedish University &
Kansas State University Study:

Dry Aging of Beef in a Bag Highly Permeable to Water Vapour

"Aging beef postmortem is associated with the development of desired palatability attributes. Aging of beef typically results in increased tenderness, flavour, and overall palatability. There are two fundamental ways to age beef: wet and dry aging...."
The objective of this experiment was to compare traditional dry aging of beef with a novel technique of dry aging in a highly moisture-permeable bag...."
Vacuum-packaged aging of beef typically implies "wet aging". With much greater than normal moisture permeability, the vacuum-packaged bags in this study may be used to dry-age beef to increase yields, limit microbial contamination, and provide business management efficiencies without affecting product quality....

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Kansas State University &
Auburn University Study:

Effects of Dry Aging of Bone-in vs. Boneless Strip Loins and Two Aging Processes for Two Different Aging Times

"Dry aging is an old-time process that is used to produce a high quality product marketed for high-end customers. Its most unique quality is the distinctive "dry-aged" flavor...."
"The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the combined effects of two dry aging methods (unpackaged and in-the-bag), two loin-cut styles (bone-in shell loins and boneless strip loins), and two aging times (21 and 28 d) on the physical, chemical, sensory, and microbial properties of dry-aged beef....""
Dry aging in a bag will produce dry aged flavor equal to traditional dry aging. Dry-aged product can be vacuum stored post dry aging without major loss in palatability. Bone-in shell loins have higher yields of dry-aged product than boneless strip loins....

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UMAi DrybagSteak® technology was a proud winner of The National Restaurant Association's first annual 'Food & Beverage Product Innovations Award', which recognizes progressive food and beverage products that will make a significant impact in the restaurant industry.

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