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6 years 10 months ago #2772 by BagLady
How UMAi DrybagSteak works was created by BagLady
Most plastic bags are created of polymers that block air and moisture movement. As anyone who has watched something dry out when wrapped in kitchen plastic wrap, most plastics do not block air completely.

In the case of a FoodSaver or other barrier bag, they are created with multiple laminated layers of plastics intended to very effectively block oxygen exchange so they can effective "preserve" the contents.

UMAi DrybagSteak is composed in such a way that it is designed to allow moisture to efficiently pass through the material. Oxygen will similarly be exchanged to a greater degree than a laminated vacuum bag.

When UMAi Dry bonds with the proteins on the surface of the meat, it essentially forms a membrane. The surface of the meat remains protected and clear while air movement within a refrigerated environment pulls the greater moisture out of the meat and into the surrounding drier air.

You can, of course, dry age without UMAi Dry or with only cheesecloth covering the meat, but you will have a tremendous build up of various bacteria and mold that are present in the environment as the meat surface provides an excellent surface for growth.

UMAi Dry allows you to dry age with protection for the meat creating a more consistent flavor profile and and overall more pleasant experience with aging--particularly in your home fridge or commercial walk in.

Hope that helps.

Dry aging geek

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