Dry Aging Strip Loin then Wet aging in seasoning?

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2 months 1 week ago #14326 by corchard
So, I'm new to this and expect the answer is no but I couldn't find any expert opinions so thought I'd ask.

Dry age for 4-5 weeks, trim the bark, portion out, season, then re-vacuum seal so sous vide can easily be done later.

So the question is, after dry-aging, can I wet age a sealed steak if it has been seasoned with dried garlic, salt and pepper? Or am I better to immediately freezer train them if seasoned, until ready for the sous vide?

Real life experience is appreciated but opinions welcome too!

Thanks for looking


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2 months 1 week ago #14327 by BagLady
To be clear, all "aging" is controlled rot. "Wet aging" is simply a form of extending shelf life in oxygen barrier packaging.

Once you have exposed the meat to oxygen (as you do with UMAi Dry® aging), the rot is accelerated. Once you trim the bark, the meat should be at its optimal point of maturation. To "wet age" on top of that is simply taking the meat closer to, and likely, past the point of expiration. You want to stop the aging by vacuum sealing and freezing.

Your idea to package up all ready for sous vide is certainly the best course. We prefer good quality course salt, fresh ground pepper, a pat of butter and a sprig of fresh thyme to garlic salt. But everyone's taste is different.
Hope this is helpful.

Dry aging geek

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