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Finished Steak storage

1 year 9 months ago #14445 by chris
Replied by chris on topic Finished Steak storage
My normal practice, which has served me well for strip loins and rib eye, has been to remove the Umai bag and square up the ends of the meat.
After that i measure and mark an inch and a half, or around there over the length of the meat. I Then cut and trim individual steaks, put them in foodsaver bags, vacuum seal and freeze. if you can keep them longer than 6 months you are a better man than me because mine are gone in a month or two.I don't do strip loins anymore because in my opinion the rib eyes are far better. Anyway, freezing and thawing in my experience, has not caused me any trouble,
1 year 9 months ago #14487 by Gen123
Replied by Gen123 on topic Finished Steak storage
I’ve been freezing mine “un-trimmed”. Upon thawing, I’ll slice off the bark and render it in my hot carbon-steel pan. My wifey and I love the chewy bits of the bark. I will then use the rendered oil for my fresh un-aged steak which I will serve together with the aged steak.

My friends love the variety of ribeyes when they come over our apt for steaks. Usually we will have 3-4 types of ribeyes; Australia black Angus, NZ grass fed, USDA Prime etc. The aged ribeye always comes up TOP in our steak Omakase ;)
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