Humidifier recommendation--NO NEED

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Replied by BagLady on topic Humidifier recommendation--NO NEED
UMAi Dry® is designed for a modern frost free refrigerator in regular use located within a consistently room temperature environment. The whole idea is to make dry aging easy, safe, consistent and--did I say?--EASY.
The humidity level in a kitchen fridge will vary greatly depending upon what is inside the fridge, what the relative humidity is in the outside environment and what type of meter you are using. We've found that many consumer grade tools don't measure reliably. What's more, you don't need to monitor with UMAi Dry®. Nothing by the frost free fridge, an open wire rack, a processor packed Choice grade subprimal steak cut and 4-6 weeks' patience are needed to get excellent dry aged results with UMAi Dry®. Even the vacuum sealer is optional, if you use the water displacement method to apply the UMAi Dry® membrane.

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