Pretty sure things went bad...

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1 month 2 weeks ago #15455 by Dillsandwitch
Pretty sure things went bad... was created by Dillsandwitch
Okay so I had 3 of the Umai bags.

Put a whole t-bone in one and jammed that into the main fridge in the house. It looks good and no smells or anything coming off of it. Looks nice and dry like in appearance.

Had a whole scotch fillet and a rump in the other 2 bags. Put them into my cheese cave which is a thermostat controlled chest freezer set to 4C.

All meats have just hit the 30 day mark, as I said the one in the main fridge is good, the ones in the cave not so much. There has been a really yuck smell coming out of the cave for a good 2 weeks, Mould was forming on the outsides of the bags (not sure if this was residue from a cheese though) and both those meats still looked really wet. Well I opened them up today and both were slimy and didnt smell that good. Not completely horrible but not good. When I cut into the meat the insides were a decent red colour and smelled sorta like milk? cheese? defiantly not like a sewer like that one cheese I had go bad did...

I ended up chucking it all in a pot to cook up for dog food as I wasn't willing to risk getting sick from it. But from what I have now read on this forum it might have been okay? I dont know.

I have put a couple pics of it below.

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1 month 2 weeks ago #15456 by BagLady
Replied by BagLady on topic Pretty sure things went bad...
Yeah, that chest freezer set up is far from the recommended regularly used modern frost free kitchen refrigerator located in a room temperature environment. Without active humidity management and temperature between one and 4°, the meet will just sit there and rot. No drying is going to happen in the chest freezer or a drink fridge.

Dry aging geek

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