Umai Dry Age First Time - Large White/Grey Blotch Under Tucked Portion, Ruined?

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1 month 3 days ago #15789 by thergoat
Hello! For my first time dry aging beef I'm trying a ribeye primal. I followed the clean transfer instructions, vacuume sealed it as best I could, though there was excess air, and tucked excess bag underneath. Ten days later (today) I went to turn it over and found that it had a very large, white/grey chunk on the meat where I had tucked the bag under. It is somewhat softer than the red portion.

The spot extends ~40% over the side of the primal. Is it ruined, or is it salvageable?


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1 month 3 days ago #15790 by BagLady
Impossible to say. Trust your nose.
The membrane is single layer for a reason—That single Larry is the thickness through which the moisture can be wicked away effectively.
If you folded it under, even if it were resting on an open wire rack with excellent airflow, the moisture had to go through three layers, two of which were not in optimal contact with the moist meat surface.
You probably set yourself up for some problems there. That said, there is a distinction between dry aged funk and just plain rotten. If you sniff near the surface of the meat, you should be able to discern whether to proceed or not.

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