First Dry Aging Experience

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7 years 6 months ago #3424 by snave
Replied by snave on topic First Dry Aging Experience
The instructions that came with the Drybag kit mentioned 21-28 days(max) aging time, so I followed that recomendation. The last restaurant I visited that featured Dry aged steak, ages theirs (porterhouse and bone in strip) 21 days......So I figured the 21-28 day recomendation was reasonable for my first attempt.
As far as the weight loss goes, the boneless rib that I used had an inordinate amount of fat on the narrow side that had to be trimmed when I portioned it, so that certainly had some effect on the weight loss.
As you probably know, wet aging has very little effect on the flavor of beef (at least in my experience).........It's done, mostly to make the steak more tender (which it does very well), so the fact that the wet aged beef had been aged 35 days and the dry aged 24 days, shouldn't have invalidated the blind tast test we did (IMO)......The dry aged steak should have been the clear winner.....Once again, IMO.
When I trimmed the whole rib, I was very careful to only cut off the "bark", none of the soft meat. My wife tried a bite where I had intentionaly left a peice of the "bark" on.........was more like beef jerky than steak.
In any case, my plan is to order a boneless rib in Prime, and age it 35-40 days on my next attempt.


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7 years 6 months ago #3425 by RRP
Replied by RRP on topic First Dry Aging Experience

Thank you for the further explanations including a major point (IMHO) of the heavy fat cap lending to the 35% trimming and aging weight loss. I hear you about sticking to the DrybagSteak companies suggested 21 to 28 day aging range, but while I'm not a "law breaker" at heart I do like to press the limit. I mean I admit I often drive faster than the posted speed limit, eat raw eggs in my Caesar salad dressing, love pork cooked only to 143° and such other "wild and foolish" things. So, is it any mystery that I have aged beef 35, 45 and even 60 days? I have a friend who went 100 days, but I swear that was for bragging rights!

Regarding the beef jerky taste, I happen to agree and my wife doesn't care for it either. OTOH I find that layer - after it has been grilled and cut off if someone doesn't care for the chewiness - is a killer snack/treat when enjoyed cold the next day. BUT to each his own!

Good luck with your second attempt!


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