Time to pull my coppa?

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2 years 11 months ago #9257 by Woots
Time to pull my coppa? was created by Woots
So I am 6 weeks into my first two coppas ever. the larger is sitting at 26% weight loss, and is doing fine. The smaller ham is at 33% loss, is very firm and also seems to be doing good, but it is not losing much weight any more. I have taken to micromanaging the poor ham, and it is averaging about two grams of loss per day. ten days ago, it was averaging 5 grams per day. Should I go ahead and slice it, or give it more time?

Also, I have read on other sites that once you have hit your desire weight loss, you should vacuum seal the unit and let it set for an additional 1-2 weeks to let the internal moisture redistribute. Is this necessary or beneficial in any way? Thanks for the help!

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2 years 11 months ago #9258 by Jim
Replied by Jim on topic Time to pull my coppa?
You can pull it now, but if it were me I would let it go another couple of weeks at least. There is much more than just drying that happens, the flavors develop over time due to enzymatic action.
As for the equalization in a vacuum bag, it may be a good method to soften the outside. Depending on your fridge environment, it can have more or less case hardening (hard outside, soft inside). Usually if the meat was cured well (salt distributed/penetrated all the may into the center) case hardening is not a major issue with UMAi Dry. You can cut it and decide if you need to equalize the moisture or you may be happy as is.

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