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Kai Shun 6 Inch Premier Chef's Knife

Kai Shun 6" Gift Set

Product Details

Shun Premier Combo 6" Chef's Knife and Honing Rod

An every day tool that will live in your hand.

  • Hammered tsuchime-finish blade glides through food with ease
  • Hand-crafted 16° double-bevel blade
  • Steel: Proprietary VG-MAX cutting core, clad in 34 layers of stainless Damascus on each side
  • Handle: Walnut PakkaWood® with signature D-grip for a comfortable hold
  • Blade length: 6 in. (15.24 cm)
  • Made in Japan by skilled craftsmen

A Shun Premier Chef's Knife is an ideal companion for your dry aging, charcuterie or salumi projects. It feels like an extension of your arm that is able to produce razor thin slices of salumi, shave the bark off of that perfectly dry aged subprimal or finely dice a pancetta for that special pasta dish. The Shun Premier 6-in. Chef's Knife will make most kitchen tasks a pleasure. The blade is light and sharp, making any slicing task a breeze. Best of all you will love the way it looks. Due to the curved belly of the Shun Chef's Knife, this knife can be gently rocked through fresh herbs or spices to produce a very fine mince.

A Premier Combination Honing Tool to Keep Your Edge Sharp.

  • Built-in angle guide makes precision honing easy
  • Stainless steel with micro ribs
  • Handle: Walnut PakkaWood® with signature D-grip for a comfortable hold 
  • Rod length: 9 in. (22.9 cm)

As you use your Shun knife, the razor-sharp edge naturally curls ever so slightly, causing the sharpest end to bend away from the cutting edge. This is easily remedied by honing with the Shun Premier Combination Honing Steel. The signature honing steel allows you to easily realign the edge of the blade so the sharpest surface comes in contact with the food. The Shun Premier Combination Honing Steel provides a guide for the correct 16° Shun angle and offers two honing surfaces: a smooth one for day-to-day honing, and a micro-ribbed one for weekly honing. Making a habit of honing your fine Shun knives will allow you to sharpen them less frequently.

Stackable Wire Rack

Stackable Wire Rack

Product Details

Rust proof, durable, space saving, stackable wire gridded rack suitable for excellent air flow and distribution of support while dry aging or dry curing meat.

  • Copper Plated Steel Wire
  • 2 racks and 4 snap-on supports
  • Rack Dimensions: 11.5 in (29.2 cm) x 16.75 in (42.5 cm)
  • Stacked clearance between racks: 4 in (10 cm)
  • Manufacturer five year warranty
Primo Digital Scale

Escali Primo Digital Scale

11lb / 5kg Capacity
Product Details

Rated best value by leading independent consumer magazine. These digital scales are economically priced and very easy to use with the two-button operation.


  • Measures up to 11 lbs (5 kg) in 0.1 ounce (1 gram) increments
  • Sealed buttons and display for protection against accidental spills
  • Easy two-button operation
  • Tare feature: subtracts a container’s weight to obtain the weight of its contents
  • Automatic Shut-off feature ensures long battery life (2—AA batteries included)
Dry Aged Steak and Charcuterie

The Perfect Sealer for UMAi Dry

Dry Aged Steak
and Charcuterie
Product Details

Set up a customized in-house dry aging/curing program easily and economically with UMAi Dry® + VacMouse®. FoodSaver advanced design channel vacuum sealers are the perfect way to make this happen.

Features of the FoodSaver v2244 advanced design channel vacuum sealer:

  • Automated sealing with channel vacuum bags
  • 11 inch sealing bar
  • Easy sealing of UMAi Dry® + VacMouse®
  • Brand New Technology: Minimizes Bag Material Used, 40% less than traditional FoodSaver units
  • Features Roll Storage with Roll Cutter
  • Space-saving Vertical Design, Perfect for Countertop or Easy Storage
  • Includes: 3-Quart Bags, 2-Gallon Bags, 1-11" x 10' Roll & Accessory Hose
  • Available in 110V for use in North America and Japan.

Available in 110V for use in North America and Japan.

The Art of Making Fermented Sausages - Book

The Art of Making Fermented Sausages - Book

Product Details

Written by Stanley Marianski

Simple, concise and educational. The book contains over 50 detailed step by step salami style dry sausage recipes and basic principles behind the art of dry sausage making. A must for the home charcutier!

Waterproof Digital Pen Thermometer

Waterproof Digital Pen Thermometer

Product Details

Never Ruin a Steak Again. Take away the guesswork and worry. Tuck this in your pocket. Wonder if its ready? Pluck, poke and never again miss that magic number. Whether you prefer 125F, 135F or 145F (for that squeamish family member), you'll nail it every time.

Quick Measurements & Durable Design
The Escali Waterproof Digital Thermometer is built to last. Dishwasher safe design is paired with extra durable buttons and a quick-read stainless steel probe makes it ultimate temperature measuring tool.

Faster Measurements
Extra thin 1.2 mm probe tip allows for super fast measurements within 1-3 seconds.

IP68 Protection
Dishwasher safe and rated waterproof up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

Extra Durable Buttons
Buttons are made from an extremely durable material that will last the life of your thermometer.

Temperature Hold Feature
Take temperature measurements at any angle, even when the display is not visible.

Min. / Max. Feature
Capture minimum and maximum temperatures with directly watching measurements.

Protective Sheath & Handle
Snap the protective probe sheath onto the end of the thermometer to extend ts reach.

Incredibly user-friendly advanced features, this thermometer is the perfect vital accessory for a master chef or beginner's kitchen.