About Vacuum Sealers

There are three basic vacuum sealer designs that can be used to seal UMAi Dry® and create a bond necessary for aging successfully.

1. Channel-type Vacuum Sealer and VacMouse® Vacuum Aide

The Channel-type sealers are designed to draw the air out of the bag while it is being held closed by the sealing jaws. Upon air evacuation they trigger the sealing function with the bag remaining closed by the sealing jaws the entire cycle time.

FoodSaver brand and other Channel-type sealers are quite convenient, widely available and commonly owned household appliances. FoodSaver brand or other vacuum sealers that use embossed Channel-type bags are now compatible with UMAi Dry® with the use of UMAi VacMouse® vacuum aid strips.

Here is how the VacMouse® works:

Specially-designed channel bags allow air to be drawn out while the bag is closed due to the embossed channels built into the design of the bag. UMAi Dry® does not have this channel design and will not allow air to be drawn out while the bag is closed. UMAi VacMouse® vacuum aid strip is designed to allow air to be drawn out of the UMAi Dry® bag while the opening held closed by the sealing jaws, much like the specially-designed embossed bags.

The UMAi VacMouse® is then sealed into the bag by the heat sealing strip. UMAi VacMouse® has been tested on the FoodSaver model 2000-series sealers that are offered on our website. Other types of similar horizontal channel sealers may work; however, are not guaranteed to work with the UMAi VacMouse® since there are multiple features on different brands of machines. It will be helpful to watch the following video to understand how VacMouse® enables you to apply UMAi Dry® with FoodSaver series 3000 vertical machines that rely on the bag triggering the automated sealing function: Sealing UMAi Dry® with Foodsaver 3800 series

2. Retractable Snorkel Type Vacuum Sealer

Retractable Snorkel Sealers are designed to insert a snorkel into a bag thereby opening it and evacuating the air out of the UMAi Dry®. After the air is evacuated, the snorkel retracts and the sealer bar is pressed allowing the bag opening to be compressed by the sealer jaws and trigger the heat sealing function.

The retractable snorkel (Sinbo DZ-280) was offered on this site as part of a Starter Kit for several years. However, tremendous customer frustration led to the development of the VacMouse® solution. With VacMouse®, customers can use channel-type vacuum sealers (such as FoodSaver) making the application of UMAi Dry® both easier and more reliable.

3. Chamber Type Commercial Vacuum Sealer

Chamber type vacuum sealers are primarily employed in processing facilities as their cost is quite high. Chamber type sealers are so called internal type, where the bag and its contents are placed in a chamber which is then pressurized to push the air out of the bag and seal it. These sealers are perhaps the best for sealing UMAi Dry® however their biggest limiting factor may be the actual size of the chamber (one typically needs to accommodate large subprimal cuts).

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